What is BetterTLS?

BetterTLS is a collection of test suites for TLS clients. At the moment, two test suites have been implemented. One tests a client's validation of the Name Constraints certificate extension. This extension is placed on CA certificates which restrict the DNS/IP space for which the CA (or sub-CAs) can issue certificates. The other test suite evaluates a TLS client's ability to discover a valid certificate path (a certificate "chain") from an unordered collection of certificates.

Why BetterTLS?

The BetterTLS project was originally created to ensure that we could create a name-constrained CA that could not be abused. We were only able to gain this confidence by evaluating whether clients (such as popular web browsers) were correctly handling the name constraints extension.

We later added an additional test suite for certificate path building because of the recurring pains we experienced during transitions in the web PKI ecosystem, such as intermediate CA expiry and signature algorithm deprecation. The goal is to help TLS implementations identify and verify changes that could alleviate these pain points and to help application developers pick TLS implementations that won't break during these transitions.

Why "BetterTLS"?

This project is inspired in part by In a similar vein, we want to highlight some of the issues and difficulties we've found with HTTPS/TLS implementations so that they can be corrected. By doing so, we hope to make TLS better for everyone.


BetterTLS is open source software. We encourage you to help add more tests, fix any issues you find in the existing test suites, or even fork it for use in your own software project. Pull requests are welcome!

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